Prioritizing Work Over Kiddos = Decades Of Regret

//Prioritizing Work Over Kiddos = Decades Of Regret

You love your kiddos. I know that. They know that. The problem is they don’t FEEL your love. They may share your last name but don’t get your attention, focus, and energy.


You are always too busy with work to notice them. Too hypnotized by your phone to make eye contact. Too caught up in your own drama to be engaged. Worst case you love the idea of your kiddos but view them as a distraction; an annoyance getting in the way of selfish accomplishment. 


Let me ask you a stupid question. You wouldn’t claim to be a gardener and then fail to physically go out to the garden and provide water and fertilizer for growth. You would spend time in the garden. You would nurture the garden. Right?


Quick test: How do your kids talk about you to their friends at school? Is Mom/Dad always working? Always stressed? Always yelling or snapping? 


You have a choice. I’m not suggesting you turn down your intensity, change jobs, or even work less hours. I am saying there exists a version of reality where you can be successful in your financial pursuits and still show your kids through actions they are a top priority. 


Best yet, reigniting this bond with your kiddos often takes less time and energy than you expect. Seriously! They want a portion of your day where they are the center of attention. That could be sending them texts, a video, turning the phone to silent and sitting with them on the couch for 15 minutes. Pro-tip… ask them what they want and just say yes. For me, I often bring a stuffed animal on business trips or into the office and send action photos throughout the day. Think elf on the shelf with team participation.


If you are the type of person who is serious about taking action to restore the relationship with your kiddos…. I applaud you! 


Through the 5 Pillars of Balanced Success I am going to help you achieve your biggest goals while living in alignment with your highest values. 


The 5 Pillars of Balanced Success is your catalyst for creating the margin required to connect with your purpose and holistically balance priorities across all areas of life. 


This is the framework I used to get out of my head and change the trajectory of my life. This transformation was enabled by intentional focus in 5 key areas. These are the core building blocks helping me deliver value at my demanding corporate job, recover from a traumatic brain injury, pursue the mission of Catalyst Ignite, publish my book Catalyst, remain engaged with my kiddos on a daily basis, and reignite passion into my marriage. 


You can enroll in 5PBS for FREE at www.catalystignitetraining.com/live-aligned 




Dream big & live aligned!



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