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Josh’s transparency with his own personal journey and truth is incredibly impactful. His experiences and emotions are relatable, and they moved me to reflect on my current state, trajectory, fears, and goals. His recommended exercises

Megan Harrington

Business DevelopmentChampions

Josh does an incredible job of directing hard-working achievers to align tangible goals with the “why” in their life. Each chapter gives a call to action that empowers a person to high achievement. Catalyst is

John Chang


Catalyst teaches us how to unlearn our conditioned limitations, humbly embrace our insecurities and shows us how to turn our pain and regret into the fuel propelling us into a new season of life.  

Nick J. Murphy

CEO & SpeakerNJM

Josh McLean's Catalyst not only gives you the push to start on your next big project but outlines a framework to accomplish it. His positive attitude and personal stories motivate and inspire you to take

Euric Krause

Finance ProfessionalKinderCare Education

We are all looking for the yellow brick road to follow in our careers, to have the courage and drive to go where others do not. In his first writing venture, Josh has chosen to

Keith Niccum

HR ProfessionalPerfect Shift