Health of Your Restoration

//Health of Your Restoration

How is your week going? Recently I came across a simple idea that stopped me in my tracks and caused me to reevaluate the “health” of my restoration time.


Let’s be clear on the idea of restoration time. This is a broad category of activities including time with your spouse, kiddos, or friends. This time is NOT spent accomplishing a goal, but rather includes things like helping your spouse make dinner, helping kiddos with homework, watching Netflix, reading a book, taking a walk… I think you get the idea. We all need downtime to recharge the proverbial batteries.


This time SHOULD be restorative and relaxing. However, if you are distracted and NOT present in the moment you are viewing this time as a waste.




Being a type-A personality I’m wired to continually move forward in pursuit of a goal. This becomes harmful if I can’t find a way to shut down and enjoy the restorative time.


The specific take away >> I’ve begun to consciously tell myself “this time is restorative and building relationships.” This has helped me be more present in the moment and reduce my overall level stress.


Set clear boundaries about productive time and restorative time. Be present in both!


How about you? Are you present in the moment? Or have you been guilty of being distracted and viewing downtime as a nuisance?




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