Power of Mentors

//Power of Mentors

With January being National Mentoring Month I wanted to bring home this important concept. As I reflect on the conversations I’ve had after the release Catalyst, the major theme that emerged was “HOW”

How did you create change in your life?

How did you overcome a brain injury?

How can I find clarity when my current situation feels hopeless?

How do I know my current state isn’t permanent?


I’m here to tell you change is not only possible, but closer than you think.


One of the greatest agents of change in my life has been a mentor.


To that end I wanted to share with you an article I published on LinkedIn regarding the power of mentors and their ability to take you to the “unlock zone.”


My challenge → Who will you help unlock as we start out 2019?

Who in your life needs to be taken to the unlock zone?



Be Awesome. Be Bold. Be You.


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