Waiting For The Perfect Moment?

//Waiting For The Perfect Moment?

What are the likely outcomes if you continue to wait for the perfect moment to take action?


Deep down you know you were born for more. BUT… one BIG BUT …. The time hasn’t been right. You have patiently been waiting for the “right time” to take action. The perfect moment. The ideal opportunity. Always thinking. Continually tinkering. Blah blah blah….


You might want to consider changing your focus and start waiting for unicorns to get gold in the Olympics.  Certainly better odds than waiting for the perfect moment 😉 


Let’s get honest… this sense of perpetual waiting is likely due to fear. Fear of taking action. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of uncertainty. 


If that resonates I totally understand. Been there. Done that. For many years I lived in my head creating scenarios where the perfect moment arrived and the ideal opportunity presented itself. I envisioned a path of opportunity and success without all that pesky uncertainty. All the while not taking action in the real world. Nothing in my day-to-day life changed.


Waiting to take action will only lead to a life full of regrets. It doesn’t have to be that way.


If you are really serious about changing the trajectory of your life and pursuing your full potential you have one of two choices right now: you can wait by the side of the road with your thumb out waiting for the perfect moment to arrive … OR … you can watch the 5 Pillars of Balanced Success and finally discover how to take action on your big dreams while living in alignment. 


The 5 Pillars of Balanced Success is your catalyst (pun intended) for taking new action and creating new momentum. Today marks a new day of taking action towards living aligned with your purpose.  




Dream big & live aligned!


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