What Is My Purpose?

//What Is My Purpose?

If you are like many successful achievers “what is the meaning of my life” questions run in the back of your head as you navigate the day-to-day logistics of life. 


Am I on the right path?

What’s my purpose?

Why am I here?

What was I born to do?

Is this it?


Don’t have a clear answer to these questions? Give yourself a break … It’s not your fault! 


Discovering and pursuing your purpose is critical to living in alignment. So why is this not taught as a part of school curriculum? Quite simply the primary purpose of traditional schools is to crank out obedient and submissive workers.  Workers who will be a cog in the machine and not independent thinkers… I’ll avoid stepping on the soap box. Many schools are starting to break that mold, but for those of us already in the workplace what do we do?


Going beyond traditional education is required to achieve your full potential.  You’ll need to explore self-paced curriculum options and programs that exist to connect you with new insights. Read books or connect with mentors that will help you achieve a new perspective.


Otherwise, you’ll get lulled into thinking your job title defines your identity. Or your paper degree validates your worth. 


Personally I thought that a piece of paper and fancy letters after my name would somehow validate who I was and define my purpose… well…errrr… let’s just say that was a painful detour lasting over a decade. 


The good news is that your journey of self-discovery doesn’t have to take decades. 


After publishing Catalyst and frequent podcast interviews I’ve been called the finding alignment & purpose guy. Since I can’t personally share the framework 1:1 with everyone over a cup of coffee I created the 5 Pillars of Balanced Success framework to help accelerate your path and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. 


If you are the type of person who is serious about taking action then you can get my complete framework to help you discover your purpose and live in alignment. 


This is the framework I used to get out of my head and change the trajectory of my life. This transformation was enabled by intentional focus in 5 key areas. These are the core building blocks helping me deliver value at my demanding corporate job, recover from a traumatic brain injury, pursue the mission of Catalyst Ignite, publish my book Catalyst, remain engaged with my kiddos on a daily basis, and reignite passion into my marriage. 


The 5 Pillars of Balanced Success is your catalyst for creating the margin required to connect with your purpose and mission.  


You can enroll in 5PBS for FREE at www.catalystignitetraining.com/live-aligned 


See you on the inside!




Dream big & live aligned!


P.s. I do love connecting over coffee so reach out if you’re ever in the greater Portland area.


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