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80/20 Principle

  Today I want to address how to reduce your level of overwhelm while simultaneously increasing your level of happiness. Sound too good to be true? Hang in there with me. No… you are not about

Sincerely Divi

  Today we are turning the spotlight and highlighting a success story from the Catalyst Tribe. I’m excited to introduce you to Divi from Sincerely Divi!   Tell us a little about yourself:

Pomodoro Technique

  How’s your focus? Most people I talk with complain of some level of perpetual distraction.   Imagine if you could consistently get into a productive zone at work and ignore distractions.

Health of Your Restoration

How is your week going? Recently I came across a simple idea that stopped me in my tracks and caused me to reevaluate the “health” of my restoration time.  

Feb Goal Setting

Checking in on your start to 2019. Can you believe January is almost OVER! Done, finished, time you’ll never get back.   Have you been consistent? Or

Power of Mentors

With January being National Mentoring Month I wanted to bring home this important concept. As I reflect on the conversations I’ve had after the release Catalyst, the major theme that emerged was “HOW”

Pick A Word

How was your first week of January?   Statistics tell us the average American has already given up or lost steam on their New Year resolutions. That will NOT be your

2019 Success Habits

Happy New Year!   What does your typical day look like? What routines or habits do you practice on most days? As we kick off 2019 I wanted to share 5 of