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Why Can’t I Be Content?

Juggling the demands of corporate life with the desire to be an engaged parent and devoted spouse likely leaves you with a feeling your internal drive to accomplish more has created conflict.   

What Is My Purpose?

If you are like many successful achievers “what is the meaning of my life” questions run in the back of your head as you navigate the day-to-day logistics of life.   

What Is Your Trajectory?

It’s time to get brutally honest. Where is the current trajectory of your life leading?    If nothing changes about your present circumstances where will you be in

Have You Failed Recently?

It’s time for a little self-reflection. During the January and February did you utter the phrase… This is uncomfortable This is tough

March Goal Setting

Time for our monthly goal setting check-in week. Yes, I was serious when I made that commitment to you back on Jan 23rd. Once a month we’ll walk through our commitments and grade our actions.