March Goal Setting

//March Goal Setting

Time for our monthly goal setting check-in week. Yes, I was serious when I made that commitment to you back on Jan 23rd. Once a month we’ll walk through our commitments and grade our actions. The purpose is to have an honest dialogue and make necessary calibrations before too much time passes. Rip out the weeds of inaction before they take root as habits of complaining or you catch a severe case of the “maybe later” syndrome.


Let’s jump in!


Our check-in has two parts:

Part 1: Revisit commitments from last month

Part 2: Answer 3 questions for the upcoming month


As a reminder the 3 go-to questions to remain focused and consistent each month are:

  1. What MUST I accomplish in 2019? [this generally shouldn’t change month to month – big changes indicate shiny object syndrome]
  2. For me to live in alignment with this MUST, what actions/activities must be completed by the end of the month?
  3. To achieve my goals what must I do over the next 5 days to create positive momentum?





So how did you do on February commitments? Let’s take a step back… do you even remember what you wrote down? Did you write them down? If no, don’t beat yourself up. Social media will take care of that for you 😉


I’m here to encourage you. For many people staying focused is a muscle that needs to be built back up.


My objective is not to speak AT YOU but rather walk WITH YOU as we achieve big goals together.


In transparency here are my February answers with an indication green/yellow/red. My 2019 MUST accomplish is to “amplify my impact” and my February goals were:


Research and identify 100 podcasts with a message around personal development, self-help, and goal setting – giving myself a red, mainly because the measurement was volume based. Research time to uncover podcasts and develop genuine relationships takes time. I could have hired a virtual assistant and spammed people, but that’s not my style.


Reach out to 25 podcast hosts and start a conversation – yellow, I interacted with 14 podcast hosts. That being said I had some very meaningful interactions and feel good about focusing on quality vs quantity. I also received 3 unsolicited requests to be a podcast guest in March so that speaks to quality relationships.


Despite this grading, I feel good because I was able to say NO and NOT NOW to several shiny objects. I was also able to record several podcast interviews and found myself energized by the conversations.



Now that we have an honest assessment of February let’s look forward to March.


To build consistency let’s repeat our exercise from last month. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down your answer to the following questions:

  1. What MUST I accomplish in 2019?
  2. For me to live in alignment with my MUST, what actions/activities must be completed by the end of March?
  3. To achieve my March goals what must I do over the next 5 days to create positive momentum?


Leave a comment or send me an email and let me know your answers…Seriously!



Be Remarkable. Be Unstoppable.


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