Hustle & Grind Mentality Creating Dangerous Burnout

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According to Gallup 67% of workers feel burnt out always or sometimes. That is a staggering 2 out of 3. Is that you?


Over the years I’ve fallen in that category and rationalized away the feeling of burnout. I’ve even worn burnout as a badge of honor. Look at how many hours I worked. Look at how early I came in. Look at my sacrifice. For what?


My perception of success was distorted and was viewed through a lens of hustle and grind. I need to work harder. I need to sacrifice more.  Somehow I thought success was achieved by walking through the door of burnout and family sacrifice. 


My willingness to work hard had been mentally hijacked and distorted by hustle & grind. Does that resonate?


Working hard on key priorities is NOT mutually exclusive to loving your family and being engaged in their life. 


To achieve sustained success you must take care of your health and find restoration time. If you study those with sustained success through history you’ll find a record of non-negotiable restoration time. The activity is different for each person… but you will find a non-work activity that lights them up and actually energizes them with fresh energy and insights at work. Sounds a little counterintuitive right? 


Yes, I’m saying sitting at your desk all day is harmful. You need some type of recharge. Think about it for a moment. Would you jump on the back of a horse and expect it to be at peak performance and speed for 8 or 10 hours a day? Your favorite Olympic athlete has very clear rest and recovery time so the mind and body can be at peak performance. 


It’s time to start thinking of yourself as a corporate athlete!


Are you ready to let go of burnout and finally feel what it’s like to wake up with energy and purpose? To have clarity on how to achieve success in all areas of life?


The 5 Pillars of Balanced Success is your catalyst for creating the margin required to connect with your purpose and holistically balance priorities across all areas of life. 


Through 5PBS I am going to help you jumpstart achievement of your biggest goals while living in alignment with your highest values. 


This is the framework I used to get out of my head and change the trajectory of my life. This transformation was enabled by intentional focus in 5 key areas. These are the core building blocks helping me deliver value at my demanding corporate job & tripling my income, recover from a traumatic brain injury, pursue the mission of Catalyst Ignite, publish my book Catalyst, remain engaged with my kiddos on a daily basis, and reignite passion into my marriage. 


You can enroll in 5PBS for FREE at www.catalystignitetraining.com/live-aligned


See you on the inside!





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