“Deserving” Mentality = Entitlement

//“Deserving” Mentality = Entitlement

One of the most common phrases I hear is “I deserve to earn more!” I get it! You believe you have more to contribute and should get compensated fairly.


Sounds reasonable. Right?


The reality is “deserving” to earn more is NOT a plan… that’s entitlement. You feel you should be compensated for your potential.


This sense of entitlement creates a passive wait and see attitude. An attitude polluting your level of engagement and distorting your perception of reality.


One word can disintegrate this sense of entitlement. CONTRIBUTION. Showing up to work and seeking areas where you can contribute at your highest level creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. This momentum helps you see solutions quicker, and overcome roadblocks without drama. It helps cut through any short term setbacks and helps keep you centered on what really matters.


Personally, I’ve found financial reward is often a lagging indicator of the value contributed and outcomes delivered over the past year. That means you need to show up each day with clarity on what problem you are solving and operate from faith that your level of contribution will be rewarded.


Demanding a victory before stepping on the court would make any team seem delusional.  You don’t get to hold the Super Bowl trophy in pre-season. Waiting to be financially rewarded BEFORE showing up in your job is just as delusional.  


Here’s the reality. You don’t get paid for potential. You don’t get paid for being a good person. Showing up and working long hours is not adding actual value. You get paid for delivering results.


You are at a crossroads. You can continue to carry the burden of entitlement with you each day. Or you can make the decision to integrate your current workplace demands with your zone of genius in order to deliver value solving specific business problems.


Through the 5 Pillars of Balanced Success (5PBS) I am going to help you define what it looks like to play life all out. Contributing at your highest level in all key areas of life. 5PBS is your catalyst for creating the margin required to connect with your purpose and holistically balance priorities across all areas of life. 


This is the framework I used to get out of my head and change the trajectory of my life. This transformation was enabled by intentional focus in 5 key areas. These are the core building blocks helping me deliver value at my demanding corporate job and tripling my income, recover from a traumatic brain injury, pursue the mission of Catalyst Ignite, publish my book Catalyst, remain engaged with my kiddos on a daily basis, and reignite passion into my marriage. 


You can enroll in 5PBS for FREE at www.catalystignitetraining.com/live-aligned 


See you on the inside!




Dream big & live aligned!



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