Goal Setting

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March Goal Setting

Time for our monthly goal setting check-in week. Yes, I was serious when I made that commitment to you back on Jan 23rd. Once a month we’ll walk through our commitments and grade our actions. The purpose is to have an honest dialogue and make necessary calibrations before too much time passes. Rip out the weeds of inaction before they take root as habits of complaining or you catch a severe case of the “maybe

Feb Goal Setting

Checking in on your start to 2019. Can you believe January is almost OVER! Done, finished, time you’ll never get back.   Have you been consistent? Or possibly let new habits/routines fall to the wayside quicker than ever before?   If you’ve created some good momentum keep up the awesome work and share the excitement with those in your circle of influence.  

Pick A Word

How was your first week of January?   Statistics tell us the average American has already given up or lost steam on their New Year resolutions. That will NOT be your story for 2019. As a Catalyst Tribe member, I know you have a bias-for-action mindset.   So…how can you overcome the staggering failure rate of resolutions?   Pick a pick a WORD or THEME