Why Can’t I Be Content?

//Why Can’t I Be Content?

Juggling the demands of corporate life with the desire to be an engaged parent and devoted spouse likely leaves you with a feeling your internal drive to accomplish more has created conflict. 


How can you juggle all the priorities without sacrificing the things that matter most in life? 


People around you look up to you and admire the level of success you’ve achieved. Some might even wish they were walking in your shoes. On the inside, you wrestle with lingering frustration from unachieved goals and regret from past mistakes. If you’re honest with yourself this internal drive has even been the source of harm in your most important relationships.


“You should just be happy with what you have” 

… OR … 

“You’re already successful, why are you complaining about wanting more?” 


Have you ever heard this advice from people? Or said it to yourself?


At some point, you have tried to turn the drive and ambition off… but the reality is you don’t do average. You know you were born for more and your current level of success is only a fraction of what you are capable of accomplishing.  


During your waking hours, you are ON and never satisfied with the status quo. You want more from life and are continuously pursuing what’s possible.


The good news is that you don’t have to choose between family and achievement. It’s not about finding work/life balance either. It’s about finding what I call Balanced Success. Where you go all-in on the areas that matter most… and become intentional about things that are draining and need to be left behind.


If you are the type of person who is serious about taking action then I encourage you to get my complete framework in order to help you discover your purpose and live in alignment. 


This is the framework I used to get out of my head and change the trajectory of my life. This transformation was enabled by intentional focus in 5 key areas. These are the core building blocks helping me deliver value at my demanding corporate job, recover from a traumatic brain injury, pursue the mission of Catalyst Ignite, publish my book Catalyst, remain engaged with my kiddos on a daily basis, and reignite passion into my marriage. 


The 5 Pillars of Balanced Success is your catalyst for creating the margin required to connect with your purpose and mission. 


You can enroll in 5PBS for FREE at www.catalystignitetraining.com/live-aligned 


See you on the inside!




Dream big & live aligned!



Pursue your full potential!  Get my free 5 Pillars of Balanced Success & future insights on achieving alignment straight to your inbox @www.catalystignite.com/join



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