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Today we are turning the spotlight and highlighting a success story from the Catalyst Tribe. I’m excited to introduce you to Divi from Sincerely Divi!


Tell us a little about yourself:

I wear many hats: a wife, a mother, an engineer by day, and a YouTube content creator with what time is left. Being authentic in each of these roles is my most ardent desire and constant goal. Live life to the fullest.


How would you describe life before encountering Catalyst?

Before reading this book I would say I was a bit more disorganized and did not prioritize my responsibilities correctly. I also lacked focus on the goals I was trying to accomplish.


What transformation did you experience? Why so impactful?

The biggest takeaways from reading the book Catalyst were garnering the tools to better organize myself and more effectively accomplish my ambitions. These days I have many factors demanding my time and therefore efficient use of my available time is very important. I also appreciated the introspective questions in the book that help me to “dig deep” and learn more about who I am and how to define myself. This is especially imperative since I am now working in the social media space. The ability to project the most authentic self through the camera for my audience, is very important to me; Knowing who I am is the first step.


What project are you excited about currently about?

Project doesn’t quite capture the passion I feel for my YouTube channel, Sincerely Divi. My face is the canvas and I transform it on-screen to exciting designer looks or subtly enhance natural beauty. There was limited information out there for women that have my darker complexion and I look forward to filling this gap. My other unique quality is my petite size. When I am not creating makeup looks I delve into styling of petite outfits.


If you could share 3 action steps for people to spark their own personal transformation what would those be?

Find ways to neutralize fear

Practice whitespace thinking

Define measurable goals


How can people connect with you?

WEBSITE » sincerelydivi.com

INSTAGRAM » instagram.com/sincerelydivi

TWITTER » twitter.com/SincerelyDivi

FACEBOOK » facebook.com/SincerelyDivi


Be awesome this week!



p.s. If you have a success story from reading Catalyst let me know!

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