Monthly Archives: February 2019


March Goal Setting

Time for our monthly goal setting check-in week. Yes, I was serious when I made that commitment to you back on Jan 23rd. Once a month we’ll walk through our commitments and grade our actions. The purpose is to have an honest dialogue and make necessary calibrations before too much time passes. Rip out the weeds of inaction before they take root as habits of complaining or you catch a severe case of the “maybe

80/20 Principle

  Today I want to address how to reduce your level of overwhelm while simultaneously increasing your level of happiness. Sound too good to be true? Hang in there with me. No… you are not about to see side effects for a new drug 😉   I want to discuss documenting 80/20 situations in your life. Personally, I adopted this practice after encountering the book The 80/20 Principle by Richard

Sincerely Divi

  Today we are turning the spotlight and highlighting a success story from the Catalyst Tribe. I’m excited to introduce you to Divi from Sincerely Divi!   Tell us a little about yourself: I wear many hats: a wife, a mother, an engineer by day, and a YouTube content creator with what time is left. Being authentic in each of these roles is my most ardent desire and constant goal. Live

Pomodoro Technique

  How’s your focus? Most people I talk with complain of some level of perpetual distraction.   Imagine if you could consistently get into a productive zone at work and ignore distractions. If you are part of the 70% of workers who feel distracted at work (Udemy) this might feel like a distant fantasy. Unicorns and leprechauns might be more likely.     The sheer volume of