Pick A Word

//Pick A Word

How was your first week of January?


Statistics tell us the average American has already given up or lost steam on their New Year resolutions. That will NOT be your story for 2019. As a Catalyst Tribe member, I know you have a bias-for-action mindset.


So…how can you overcome the staggering failure rate of resolutions?


Pick a pick a WORD or THEME for the year. Personally, I’ve found the impact of this subtle shift to be powerful.


My challenge for you →  close down this email, grab a blank piece of paper, and brainstorm a word or theme for the year. Bring your spouse or kids into the conversation. When you’ve landed on something that excites you, reply and let me know.


My word for 2019 is RISE. It speaks to rising from the ashes, rising early to kick ass at 4:30 am, rising above negative energy, rising to the challenge of being an exceptional husband & father… you get the point.


So what’s your word or theme going to be?



Be Awesome. Be Bold. Be You.


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