Feb Goal Setting

//Feb Goal Setting

Checking in on your start to 2019. Can you believe January is almost OVER! Done, finished, time you’ll never get back.


Have you been consistent? Or possibly let new habits/routines fall to the wayside quicker than ever before?


If you’ve created some good momentum keep up the awesome work and share the excitement with those in your circle of influence.


If not, don’t get too discouraged as I’ve been there before too. Asking why can’t willpower just get me to the next level? Let me tell you will power is NOT enough. You need clear and powerful goals that create energy and excitement each and every day. This type of alignment will get you out of bed each day with purpose and help overcome the inertia from a lack of action.


People who live with huge, vivid, clearly articulated dreams are pulled along towards those dreams with such force, they become practically unstoppable. 

-Jeff Olson


As part of the Catalyst Tribe, I’m committing to checking in with you once a month to talk goal setting. I’m sure you can do the math but that’s only 12 times over the course of 2019. What happens in between is up to you and your level of commitment towards reaching your goals.


Before you can start taking action we need to align on what you are looking to accomplish. Here are my 3 go-to questions to remain focused and consistent each month.


Grab a blank piece of paper and write down your answer to the following questions:

  1. What MUST I accomplish in 2019?
  2. For me to live in alignment what actions/activities must be completed by the end of February?
  3. To achieve my February goals what must I do over the next 5 days to create positive momentum?



This is never a one sided conversation. Here is a portion of my responses:

Amplify my impact — done via launching a digital course & guest podcast appearances

Research and identify 100 podcasts with a message around personal development, self-help, and goal setting

Reach out to 25 podcast hosts and start a conversation


For a larger goal setting framework, you can grab my Legacy Goals Framework 1-Pager.


To your powerful transformation



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