2019 Success Habits

//2019 Success Habits

Happy New Year!


What does your typical day look like? What routines or habits do you practice on most days? As we kick off 2019 I wanted to share 5 of my favorite strategies that helped me achieve sustained success in 2018.


  • SLEEP :: Get 7-8 hours a night…seriously!!! Stop playing a weird game of self-sabotage by seeing how FEW hours of sleep you can get. Your personal and professional life is suffering, and you’re likely too tired to realize it. The scientific proof has been flooding in over the past several years. A fully recharged battery is required to work a demanding corporate job and be present with your family & friends.


  • ACCOUNTABILITY :: Find multiple points of accountability – I recommend having 3 points of accountability, each with different touch point frequencies.

DAILY – Maintain a daily system where you set goals each day and calibrate on what works and what didn’t work. I’ve been testing out Brendon Burchard’s new High Performance Planner into my morning routine (the Freedom Journal & Miracle Morning Companion Journal have also been highly recommended). The prompt questions are like nothing I’ve ever experienced and have created noticeable impact both personally and professionally.

INDIVIDUAL – Get an individual accountability partner who is pacing with you on a similar journey. This gets you out of your head and the ability to text/call with someone throughout the day if necessary to get unstuck in real time.

GROUP – Join some type of mastermind group that meets on a regular basis. In person or via phone is recommended. The interaction will provide insights and unlocks quicker than being a lone ranger.


  • GRATITUDE :: Focus on the good – The science of happiness and gratitude is mounting, but you probably already know this. Right? My challenge to you is to put this knowledge into application. Find a way to apply DAILY gratitude into your life. I highly recommend the Five Minute Journal App. The physical journal is great but I especially love how you can upload photos within the App.


  • MINDSET :: Your intelligence is NOT fixed – Your daily mindset and outlook towards challenges is a game changer! There are many paths I could take with this whole “mindset” topic. For this month I want you to focus on the unlock of HAPPINESS. The science of neuroplasticity is mounting and strongly presented in Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage. I was blown away with how Shawn presented how happiness is scientifically proven to be a leading indicator BEFORE success. Check it out!


  • FOCUS :: Drown out distractions – Set up your environment for success by reducing any physical and environmental clutter. That means taking a few minutes to ensure you immediate working space is organized. For environmental make sure you’ve reduced any distractions from your phone or immediate surroundings. I recently picked up a pair of Bose QuietComfort over the ear headphones last November and have seen a significant increase in my ability to focus, both at work and home. At work I’m in an open work environment and have to fight off visual distractions on a continuous basis. These headphones have allowed me to increase my mental focus 3x (not scientifically validated) with no change to my work environment. At home, we’ve go two loud and energetic kids who need let out some energy. These headphones allow me to stay focused on the weekends when I need to get some work done.


I hope you find ideas valuable. Which one is your favorite? More importantly … which one will you take action on?



Be Awesome. Be Bold. Be You.


p.s. If you want to see a little more behind the curtains regarding my own personal transformation check out my recent conversation with Nick J. Murphy from Transform U


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